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Rescue and Adoptions

As heartbreaking as it is, sometimes a valued family member needs to be re-homed. Let Dog•N•It help.

We are very particular about the families we accept for potential adoptions. And, we have been known to reach out to a family we think would be the perfect fit.

Those families interested in adopting, once they are initially approved, will come meet the dog at our facility. If it looks like a good fit, our staff will make an appointment to bring the dog to your home for a visit.  Still going well?  How about an overnight visit?   If everything looks good, the adoption will be finalized.

Watch this space for dogs in need of adoption. Or, if you need to re-home your family member, contact us for more information about how we can help.

Available Dogs

We are looking for a very special family for Titus.

Titus began coming to Dog N It 5 years ago when he was just a pup. Our staff is very attached to him. But, he needs the perfect family.

Titus would love a home where he is the only dog.  He gets along with others but he loves the attention and security of knowing he is #1!!

He is bilingual!  He knows and follows commands in both English and German.

He would love to have a yard, to go on hikes with his people, play in the lake and more.

Want to visit Titus?  Give us a call or fill out the form below.


Looking for a new addition to your family? Dog•N• It’s rehoming program is designed to match each dog with the perfect family. Contact us using the form below to learn more.

A few of our Adoption Stories


Chloe is a sweet 5 year old great dane/pit/austrailian shepard mix who found the perfect mom with extra time to spend with her. She had anxiety and was fearful of strangers. Our Dog N It trainers worked with her, she became very socialized while she was with us – and who knew? She LOVES cats!

Primrose is an energetic little girl who loves her new home with lots of room to run. She joined a family with another lab her age, Leo, and an extended family with 2 other labs. With more than 40 acres to explore, you can bet Prim is living her best life!


Honey Girl’s family had to move back to Hawaii and weren’t able to take their new pup. But what a life she has now! We knew of a lab family in Hailey, ID who were searching for a new forever fur baby! Honey Girl changed her name to Sunny because she moved next door to her new best friends, Honey and Yates.


Nick was just too much for his elderly, disabled owner. Our staff was very concerned that his Shiba Inu puppy exuberance was going to cause her injury. We ,worked with the 6 month old Nick to teach him a few manners, then found the perfect family. Now known as Nico, he lives with his sisters Weezie and Souffie and is loving li

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