A few tips:

  1. If your dog is more comfortable with his/her own bed, blanket or toy, those will stay in their sleep/rest area. If you don’t bring those we don’t have them available at the facility.
  2. We encourage you to bring your dog’s food to avoid upset stomachs.
  3. Please allow about five extra minutes for us to ask you some questions about your dog for a more successful visit. 
  4. We accept cash, checks or cards. There is a 3.5% non-cash adjustment for cards.
  5. If your dog’s current shot records are not on file, we will make a copy when you arrive, or you may have your vet email or fax them.
  6. If your plans change, please let us know. There is no cancellation fee but it will allow us to open the reservation for another guest.

Your dog will be assigned his/her own clean, secure, private space. The average size of our individual sleeping areas are 5×6 with larger and smaller units available depending on the size of your dog. We even have family spaces available for those siblings who prefer to stay together. 

We suggest you bring a blanket, toys, sock or anything that will make your pet feel more comfortable. If your dog is a regular guest, we do our best to assign the same space each time.

Absolutely! Whether it is daycare or boarding, we feed your dog according to your instructions. Standard feeding times are breakfast between 7 and 8 AM and dinner between 4 and 5 PM. We encourage you to bring your dog’s food to avoid upset stomachs which may occur when a new food is introduced. We do have our food available if needed for an additional charge of $5 per day.

Medication is important and we will dispense according to instructions. If that means a dose after hours, we stick to the schedule. An additional $10 is charged for each after hours dose.

We limit the number of guests to 30. This ensures your dog has quality play time in a stress-free environment. They are not a part of the pack, they are a member of a play group.

Especially if your dog is staying for an extended period, or you are visiting our area, there may be times you would like to take your dog on a hike, or for a swim, or just come say  “hi!” We encourage and are happy to schedule visits at your convenience.

We want to make sure Dog N It is a good fit for your furry family member. We offer a free half day trial to those considering boarding or long-term day care. We are committed to being your pet’s home away from home.

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