Dog•N•It, where your dog is family

Smaller for a Reason

We are a family of dog owners and dog lovers. We invite you and your dog to join our Dog•N•It family. Our job is to make sure your dog has the best daycare, boarding and training available in the area. By limiting the number of dogs, we are able to work individually with you and your dog to correct any behaviors that may be present using positive reinforcement.

Shy or Scared Dogs

Is Your Dog Shy Or Scared?

Shy or scared dogs are not happy dogs. Your dog will feel safe in his own kennel, then will be invited out into the play area alone (with staff) to thoroughly investigate his new surroundings prior to meeting any of his soon to be friends.

Senior Dogs

Senior Dog?

We specialize in taking extra good care of our Senior population. They only engage with other seniors, or dogs with a similar temperament. Medications are administered at no extra charge.

Dog Aggressive

Is Your Furry Friend Dog Aggressive?

We have a separate area so they can be outside too. When appropriate, we will work with your dog to overcome this behavior. An additional charge may apply. Sorry, we can’t take the dog for boarding or day care if he is aggressive toward people.

Active Dogs

Active Dogs

Is your overly hyper dog stressing you out? We cater to active dogs. With 3 indoor and outdoor play areas, our guests have lots of outside time to run off that extra energy.

What Makes Us Unique

Dog•N•It is smaller than other local daycare or boarding facilities – only 30 dogs accepted at a time. This allows us to provide individual attention and get to know your precious pet!


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